He only profits from praise who values criticism.
-- Heinrich Heine



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You can control you

You cannot control the weather. You can control you.

You cannot control other people. You can control you.

You cannot control the market, the government, the culture, the seemingly random hand of fate. What you can control is what you think, how you see and feel about life, and what you do.

You can control you, and that is more than enough for great fulfillment. You control you, and with that control you can forge a positive result out of any situation.

In what you have gained, in what you have lost, there lives the same opportunity. Through purposeful self-direction and control, you can make it into something great.

You control the beautiful, unique, creative bundle of possibilities that is you. Every day, every situation is your chance to transform that control, that power, into meaningful value.

— Ralph Marston


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