Done is better than perfect.
-- Sheryl Sandberg



Friday, January 6, 2017

Enjoy the goodness

Elevate, celebrate, praise and enjoy the goodness in life, in your day, in your world. The negativity gets way too much attention, so make it your business to balance that out.

It’s easy to complain and commiserate about what’s wrong. Yet it is far better to support, invest in and expand what’s right.

Tragedy spills out of news headlines, and makes the world seem very dark. However, that tragedy is news precisely because it is so rare.

By all means, work to right the wrongs. But don’t forget to also give energy to everything that’s been good and right and beneficial all along.

On this very day, billions of people are successfully tending to their lives. Many are even finding chances for a little joy, peace, satisfaction, fulfillment.

See and enjoy the goodness of now. And send that goodness on the wings of your joy to spread throughout all of life.

— Ralph Marston


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