Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.
-- Clarence Day



Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Go to the trouble

Don’t give up just because going forward will be a little trouble. Go to the trouble, deal with the inconveniences, make the effort.

Doing nothing is always the easy choice, but rarely the best choice. Make the choice to make good things happen, whatever it takes.

Achievement looks great when it’s completed, yet it can be messy and complicated while you’re doing it. Tolerate the mess, work through the complications, and get the achievement done.

Along the way you’ll be challenged, frustrated, humbled, maybe a little embarrassed and occasionally exhausted. Just remember, every bit of that adds to the value of what you’re doing.

Every day brings new opportunities, and every opportunity worth its salt will take effort and discomfort to fulfill. Put yourself out there and pay the price fulfillment demands.

Doing nothing is easy today, but the regret you’ll feel tomorrow can be impossible to bear. Avoid that regret, go to the trouble, and be ever thankful you did.

— Ralph Marston


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