The first hour is the rudder of the day.
-- Henry Ward Beecher



Friday, April 29, 2016

Dance of possibilities

Now, allow peace to permeate your awareness. With no need for judgment, free from every worry and concern, join in the dance of possibilities.

Feel waves of positive energy as they cascade into this time and place. Let visions of all the goodness, love and fulfillment you can create gently glide through your awareness.

Envelop every thought, every feeling in a soft blanket of love. Observe and be endlessly thankful for all you see from your empowered perspective.

Joyfully let your every action be worthy of the positive, creative person you are. Delight at how effective those actions can be when they are guided by loving intention.

Embrace and appreciate the beauty that’s always right in front of you. Feel a sense of clarity and purpose as your spirit is refreshed.

Your new, empowered moment is born. Give yourself over to the dance of possibilities and live the wonder you love so much.

— Ralph Marston


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