Good things, when short, are twice as good.
-- Gracin



Monday, July 28, 2014

Value in each challenge

Challenge is a fact of life. Though it might seem nice to trade your own particular challenges for somebody else’s, you’d likely find those other challenges to be just as burdensome.

Instead of seeking to be free of your challenges, seek to be motivated to move successfully through them. A life with no challenge is a life with no opportunity for growth, fulfillment or satisfaction.

Your challenges are yours for a very good reason. They are precisely the challenges that will enable you to grow stronger, more capable, and more fulfilled.

So don’t resent the challenges, and don’t avoid those challenges. Don’t complain about the challenges or pretend they’re not there.

Deal with each challenge and become stronger. Work through every challenge and feel the confidence that comes from knowing you can do it.

Life’s challenges give you the opportunity to experience yourself growing stronger. See each challenge for the potential value it represents, and make that value your own.

— Ralph Marston


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