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You get paid to impact the world, not be impacted by it.
-- Mal Pancoast


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get out of your own way

Don’t waste your energy being resentful about the distractions or blaming the interruptions. Just go ahead and cheerfully deal with whatever comes along.

Don’t use up all your time complaining about the problems or worrying about the challenges. Instead, be thankful that you’re able to do something positive with them, and then get busy.

There is so very much you can achieve if you’ll simply get out of your own way. There is so much you can do when you stop second-guessing yourself and allow yourself to take action.

By all means think about what you’re doing, but don’t let the thoughts get in the way of doing. Anticipate the possible problems but don’t let those imagined problems prevent you from moving forward.

You owe it to life to express your unique perspective by creating new, original value and richness in the world. You owe it to yourself to wake up every morning and spend every day free of any self-imposed limitations.

Step forward with joy and live your life. Discover in each new moment how much better you can make it.

— Ralph Marston

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