Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.
-- John F Kennedy



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creating fulfillment

Your fulfillment does not depend on getting others to think or act in certain ways. Your fulfillment does not depend on being impressive or successful in the eyes of the world.

Your fulfillment depends on you. It depends on how much of yourself you genuinely give and authentically express.

Governments, corporations, interest groups and institutions cannot give you fulfillment or keep you from it. Regardless of your situation, you are responsible for the fulfillment you experience.

People have all sorts of different abilities, resources, challenges, opportunities and circumstances. Yet every person, in his or her own way, has the possibility for true fulfillment at any time.

Don’t waste your time begging for help, assigning blame, or wishing that things could be different. Wisely use every bit of your time joyfully and gratefully creating the special fulfillment that is yours to create.

Stop imagining excuses and start experiencing the satisfaction of bringing real fulfillment to every day. Now is your moment, so fill it with delightful meaning.

— Ralph Marston


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