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If you have no critics you'll likely have no success.
-- Malcolm Forbes


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Present possibilities

Your past shortcomings have nothing to do with your present and future possibilities. This is a new day, and you can choose a new direction.

It doesn’t matter if you have disappointed yourself in the past. Now you have the opportunity to get it right.

You don’t have to base your expectations on what has already happened. Today you can expect the best and then work to make it happen.

There’s no use feeling angry or resentful or disappointed about the past. Make the choice to feel positively purposeful and enthusiastic about what you can do now.

Any negative momentum in your life will continue only if you let it. Don’t let it.

The most important part of your life is the part that begins right now. And you can make that part as beautiful and fulfilling as you now choose.

— Ralph Marston

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