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The greatest failure is the failure to try.
-- William Arthur Ward


Saturday, October 21, 2006

The life you create

Sometimes you can make life much more difficult by attempting to make it too easy. Sometimes the shortcuts you seek end up being a lot more trouble than they’re worth.

Often, in trying to avoid work, you can create even more work for yourself. Often, in seeking to avoid an unpleasant or inconvenient truth, you give even more power, influence and recognition to that truth.

Taking the easy way out is rarely that easy. For when you avoid the effort and commitment in life, you end up missing out on the real value.

The more willingly, lovingly and enthusiastically you make the effort, the more value that effort will bring. The more time you commit to making a difference, the more magnificent your world will be.

Instead of looking for ways to avoid work, look for ways to make that work more productive and more meaningful. Instead of seeking to hide from the truth, learn to align yourself with its power.

Be always anxious to give your best to life. For the life you create is the life you will live.

— Ralph Marston

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