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The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
-- Thomas Paine


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Set yourself free

Let go of the need to support your own ego, and you’ll free up an enormous amount of time and energy. Get beyond the shallow concerns of that ego, and you enable yourself to truly and fully live each moment.

Break free of the petty demands of your ego, and everything you do becomes more genuinely fulfilling. Leave your ego behind when you go out into the world, and your relationships will flourish like never before.

Of the factors that can hinder your progress, your ego is one of the most insidious. For the more it holds you back, the more it demands of you, and the more it demands of you, the more powerful it becomes.

Yet you have what it takes to break that cycle. For what it really takes is nothing more than the willingness to leave the limitations of your ego behind.

Choose to focus not on what you can take and hoard from each situation, but rather on what you can give and on the things you can cause to grow. Decide to expand your focus beyond your own concerns, and you’ll greatly expand your influence.

Consider how much more bold, effective, creative and productive you can be when you are beyond the reach of the constant demands of your ego. Then choose to set yourself free.

— Ralph Marston

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