Reality is something you rise above.
-- Liza Minnelli



Saturday, May 8, 2004

Let peace come

Peace is perfectly natural. All it asks is that you let it fill your heart.

Yet peace can become so deeply buried that you might forget it’s there. Take a moment, though, to dwell on peace, and it begins to rise within you.

The world may seem to be filled with strife, anxiety, violence and confusion. Yet peace endures, and is always close at hand.

Peace is ready to be lived at any moment. Let it be, and it is with you. Let peace be in you, and it will radiate out from you. Nourish peace within your heart, and that peace will spread beyond you.

Instead of being angry or resentful that others do not know peace, be thankful that you can give it. And then lovingly let peace come from you.

— Ralph Marston


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