No thoroughly occupied man was ever yet very miserable.
-- L. E. Landon



Saturday, June 28, 2003

Staying in control

Negative habits are harmful not only because of the undesirable results to which they lead. They also steadily weaken your self control.

By giving in to a negative impulse, you are giving up some of the ability you have to live a positive, fulfilling life. You are sacrificing the real meaning in your life in order to experience a shallow, fleeting pleasure.

When carried too far, the negative habits cease to bring even momentary pleasure. By that time, you’ve probably forgotten that there’s another choice.

Yet there is always a much more fulfilling and life-affirming way. That way is self control. As soon as you choose positive self control, not only do you avoid the destructive behavior, you also build more strength to do so. Positive, productive habits can become even stronger than negative, destructive ones.

Self control is not the easy way, for it takes effort and commitment. It is, however, the best way and it is something you can surely exercise when you understand how very far ahead it will take you.

— Ralph Marston


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