The nearest way to glory is to strive to be what you wish to be thought to be.
-- Socrates



Thursday, November 22, 2001

Your many blessings

The best way to count your blessings is to make them count. The best way to give thanks is to live with a thankful heart in every moment. As you do that, your many blessings will grow beyond you and continue to fill the world with their goodness.

Stop and consider all those things for which you can be thankful. Each one of them is more than merely a blessing. In each one of them is your opportunity to add your own special treasures to life, to the world in which you live. What more meaningful and powerful blessing could there possibly be?

Your blessings are not yours to be stored up and hidden away. Indeed, the moment you do that they lose their value. Rather, your blessings are yours to be fulfilled. They are not static, but dynamic. They have no limits other than the ones you impose upon them by your fear and shortsightedness.

Your blessings are yours to bring to life. Give thanks, and give life and power to your many blessings. Live them in every moment and watch as they grow to spread their goodness far beyond you. They are yours not only to treasure. They are yours to live, to give, to confidently share, to fulfill.

Bring your blessings to life and let them shine their light over all the world.

— Ralph Marston


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