Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active.
-- Edith Hamilton



Saturday, August 11, 2001

The responsibility is yours

In order to solve any problem, you must first accept responsibility for it. As long as you consider it to be someone else’s fault, for example, that you’re not being paid what you’re worth in your job, then you’ll continue not to be paid what you’re worth.

Perhaps someone else is to blame, but that’s totally beside the point. Avoiding the problem or reassuring yourself that someone else is to blame will only make it worse. The eventual pain of avoiding the problem will likely be worse than the problem itself. So go ahead and commit yourself to doing something about it. If it’s your problem, it’s your responsibility.

Once you take responsibility you also take control. Once you take responsibility, you stop wasting time on meaningless complaints and excuses. Do you truly want the problem to be solved? Then step up and take responsibility for it.

Which would you rather do -- suffer, and blame someone else for it, or turn your problems into opportunities? The choice is yours. The responsibility is yours. Accept it and move positively ahead.

— Ralph Marston


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