From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.
-- Sigmund Freud



Friday, April 20, 2001

Shatter your limitations

One reason challenge is so valuable is that it forces you beyond the artificial limitations you have set for yourself and maintained for so long.

Is there something you’ve told yourself you cannot do? Is there something you’ve told yourself you’re just no good at? What if you had no choice? What if there was no one else to do it?

Maybe the reason you could never do it is because you’ve never really needed to. Most of the things you tell yourself you cannot do are really things you’ve chosen not to do. The artificial limitations you’ve set for yourself stand firm because you’ve never had an urgent need to go beyond them.

A compelling enough challenge can change that. Find something challenging and meaningful enough to make you forget your doubts and you’ll move on past your old limitations.

What have you told yourself you cannot do? Find a strong enough reason, and not only can you do it, you will.

— Ralph Marston


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