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To know oneself, one should assert oneself.
-- Albert Camus


The MONTHLY Motivator - July 2021


You Are the Beauty

Life is beautiful. You are an essential part of that beauty. Live the beauty. Be the beauty. Life is inconvenient and painful. Yet it is also beautiful. How do you deal with the pain, with the frustration, with the seemingly arbitrary troubles that arise in your world? When you cannot manage to make any progress, what enables you to continue putting forth the effort? The answer is found in the fact that life can be beautiful, in the fact that you can experience moments of transcendence.

Beauty is nothing without someone to experience it. Beauty simply does not exist as an objective reality. Beauty requires your participation. And beauty is worth whatever you can put into it.

You thrive on beauty. Others thrive on beauty. You have a responsibility to yourself and others to express your own unique beauty and to reflect the beauty that you experience. You can recognize the transcendent power of beauty in the most ordinary of places, objects, experiences. You can appreciate the immense potential for beauty in the people around you. You’re able to make life’s beauty more prominent, more accessible. You have the obligation to respect, protect, nurture and expand the beauty. And you can create new beauty out of your own love, understanding and experience of it, share the beauty, and allow beauty to run its course.

Beauty exists in this life. And life exists in the beauty. Life depends on beauty and beauty depends on life. Bees and butterflies are attracted to beautiful flowers, and those same flowering plants are pollinated as a result. Individuals of all species are attracted to each other’s beauty and from that comes the mating to produce offspring. Life and beauty are inextricably interdependent. Beauty serves as an essential reason for life. Life is the reason for beauty.

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--Ralph Marston

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