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The irony is that the person not taking risks feels the same amount of fear as the person who regularly takes risks.
-- Peter McWilliams


The MONTHLY Motivator - July 2020


Keep moving forward

Up ahead is a better situation. Keep moving and get there. This is a moment when you can make a difference. Make full use of it, and then keep going.

All the work you’ve done, all the time you’ve spent, all the patience you’ve exercised, all the efforts you’ve invested, deserve to come to fruition. You deserve to see it all make a difference. For the sake of all you’ve done, keep going. Keep going and make it count.

Every setback, every disappointment, can tempt you to give up. But if you give in to that temptation, then what? It doesn’t make anything better, now or ever. The only way out is through. And you’re capable of continuing the journey. When the disappointments come, as they will, see them not as reasons to give up, but as proof that what you’re doing has value. Experience how bad the disappointments feel and realize that what you’re doing, the efforts you’re making, have as their goal the prevention of future disappointments.

The act of living your life is doing valuable work. You’re learning as you go, and going as you learn. So keep going. It all matters, and every little task adds to the meaningful value you’re creating. After all, you’re creating a life of fulfillment, purpose, achievement, and goodness. Those are worthy aims, and you are aimed in their direction with your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, your values, your love. Keep moving it all forward.

As the path twists and turns, follow where it leads. As you encounter obstacles, remind yourself that those obstacles point the way toward achievement. What you’re doing has great value precisely because of what you have to go through to make it happen. Consider that, and be thankful for the obstacles. They guard and support and give substance to what you seek to achieve.

All sorts of people will tell you in all sorts of ways that you can’t do it. Smile to yourself and know they’re wrong. If others offer helpful suggestions, consider them. All the while, though, keep your eyes fixed firmly on the goal. And keep going. When you get encouragement, keep going. When others seek to dissuade you, keep going. When times are good, keep going. When things turn difficult, keep going. Adjust your strategy if necessary, and keep going.

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--Ralph Marston

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