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Happiness is not pleasure, it's victory.
-- Zig Ziglar


The MONTHLY Motivator - February 2020


The richness of now

Now is here, and now is the time for you to live the richness of your life. If you wait for the perfect moment, waiting is all you’ll ever do. This time is not perfect. No time is. Yet this is the time you have. This is when you can make a difference. This is when you can experience life in all its richness. Now is not ever going to be completely perfect, and yet now is always more than enough.

What you have right now is the ability to make decisions. What you have right now is the ability to act on those decisions. Right now, you’re surrounded by resources, energy, people, and possibilities. You have access to a stunning amount of knowledge that’s growing with every tick of the clock. You’re able to benefit, right now, from thousands of years of human experience.

And, right now, you have the beautiful, unique, living presence that is you. You have a deep and abiding sense of purpose. You have curiosity, preferences, desires, ideas, skills, and much more. You are uniquely positioned to make positive and purposeful use of everything that’s available to you right now.

Right here, right now, you can experience and enjoy the richness of life in your own special way. Even better, you can add to that richness in ways that benefit all the people around you. It’s an opportunity of limitless proportions, and it is real. It’s not hopelessly far away in some distant, imaginary future. The opportunity for you to live life’s richness is yours in this very moment.

Certainly the world is filled with problems. Of course there is plenty to be concerned about. No, you don’t know exactly what the future holds. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to live with richness and positive purpose right now. Indeed, you don’t know what’s coming in the future. So it would be a shame to let that future stop you from making the most of right now.

You have goals and dreams for the future, and it will be great when you have accomplished those goals, reached those dreams. However, life can also be just as great right now. Even before your goals are fully reached, even before your dreams are fully realized, you can benefit from the value of moving yourself in the direction of those dreams. You can experience the joy of being on a positive, purposeful path toward whatever is most meaningful to you.

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--Ralph Marston

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