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A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.
-- Edward Bulwer-Lytton


The MONTHLY Motivator - September 2018


Energized by life

Where do you find the energy to move forward? It is all around you, in every situation and occurrence. There is energy in joy, and there is also energy in frustration. There is energy in peace, and energy in sadness as well. All of it is energy you can direct toward positive purposes. There is no end to the supply of raw energy coming into your life. And you have the opportunity to make meaningful use of it all.

Run joyfully toward life and embrace it with open arms. Each day brings its own treasure in the flavors, aromas, sights, sounds, situations, experiences and interactions that come your way. Don’t get bogged down attempting to resist or deny what has already happened. Draw energy from everything that is, everything that happens. Embrace the beauty, the joy, the wonder and the abundance of life. At the same time, embrace the challenges, the setbacks, the disappointments and the difficulties. Be genuinely thankful for every day, whatever it may contain. It all supplies you with energy you can use to move forward in the direction you’ve chosen to go. In each moment is your opportunity to fully live, to grow, to learn, to experience, to share and to create unique, lasting value.

Welcome the ever-changing richness of life as it dances before your eyes in ways you’ve never seen before. Embrace and make use of the energy life brings. Join passionately in the dance and be a part of the richness. Follow the winding path as it moves up, down, over and around through the steadily increasing abundance and fulfillment of your life. Know more fully, as each moment passes, the profound joy of being.

Stop and ask yourself. Do you wish to invest your life in anger, or would you prefer to invest it in love? Would you like to spend your time and energy creating enemies, or would you rather be building and strengthening friendships? Do you really need all those flashy, useless things that serve only to somehow make you feel superior to others? Is there really anything to be gained by being haughty and rude? Every moment of life can be a unique, wondrous and deeply inspiring experience. Why would you ever consider wasting even a tiny bit of your precious time on petty bickering or one-upmanship? Let go of the silly need to prove anything and free yourself to achieve. The only way to truly raise yourself up is to raise up others, to raise up your world, to raise up all of life. Breathe in life’s energy and use it for that. Joy comes to you when you give it. Happiness is yours when you live it. Everything you need, you are already capable of being. Smile from the heart and fulfill the destiny that is yours in this beautiful moment.

Allow life to energize you, and make wise use of that energy. If you put energy into complaining about how bad things are, you’ll create much more to complain about. Choose instead to visualize how good things can be, and you’ll discover plenty of ways to make life better.

You are naturally drawn to whatever you focus upon. You will see precisely the opportunities and possibilities that you prepare yourself to see. Each day is filled with so many choices and directions that you cannot possibly connect to them all. The ones you do connect with are the ones that most closely resonate with your view of life. Fortunately, you can choose to view life in whatever way you wish. So continue to remind yourself that all the good and valuable things are most certainly there. Continue to direct your energy toward them.

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--Ralph Marston

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