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Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt


The MONTHLY Motivator - May 2018


Visualize the possibilities

What does it take to transform impossible into possible? What it takes is vision. How do you grasp something that is out of reach? You use your vision to expand your idea of how far you can reach. Visualize the possibilities, and you begin to make them real. You already have what it takes to achieve what you desire, when you simply choose to see it. Every doubt you have is kept alive by your own thoughts. With a quick change in thinking, those doubts will vanish, and you can employ your thoughts in a more positive manner.

You can visualize anything you choose. Your imagination is yours to control as you wish. So make use of that powerful imagination to visualize the best of all possibilities for yourself and your world. You don’t need any special resources, you don’t need anyone’s permission, and you don’t even need to be realistic. Simply go in your imagination to the place where you’d most like to be. Visualize all the details, all the richness, all the feelings of the experience. Make it real in your mind, and you’ll be well on your way to making it happen in your world. Visualize with the entirety of your being, and you set into motion a powerful momentum. Visualize the most positive and desirable of alternatives. The more richly and intensely you see them, the more attainable they become. When you imagine it, it’s possible. When you visualize it in every detail, it’s possible. When you expect it to happen, it’s possible. When you develop a workable, realistic plan, it’s possible. When you put forth sustained, effective effort, it’s possible. When you make a solid commitment, it’s possible. When you’re willing to work through whatever challenges and obstacles may come your way, it’s possible. When you persist through all the ups and downs while always looking forward, it’s possible. When you can learn from the mistakes and gain strength from the disappointments, it’s possible. When you put your creativity, passion and enthusiasm to work, it’s possible.

Remind yourself that the most reliable way to predict the future is to create it. Take an active role in your own life, and life is far more likely to go well for you. It’s easy to blame your troubles on such influences as the weather, the government, the economy, the media or the culture. Yet it can be exceedingly difficult to do anything about those outside influences. Instead, step up and accept responsibility for all the factors that affect your life.

When you take responsibility, what you get is control. Even if you didn’t create the situation, look first to yourself to create a positive and successful response to it. Even if the challenges you face are not your fault, begin to treat them as your responsibility and you will begin to have control over them. See your future not as the inevitable result of your past. Visualize your future as the best, most positive, most valuable, most creative response to your present possibilities. Your future can be much more than a mere extrapolation of your past. Take responsibility, and allow your future to express the best of who you can be. Somewhere deep within you is a vision of how wonderful and beautiful you know life can be. It may be buried under layers of disillusionment, cynicism, frustration and despair, and yet it is there. It is there, ready for you to fulfill. Ironically, you know that vision is there precisely because of the difficulties you experience. Because there would be no such thing as difficulty unless there was also something positive and wonderful against which you could compare it. You do have within you a solid and sustaining vision for how great you know life can be. The more you connect with that vision, the more real it will become.

Can the reality of your life really match the beauty of your highest and best vision for that life? You bet it can! For why would you have the vision of a great life unless you also had the possibility of such, and the ability to attain it? Whatever you can envision, you can become. Challenge yourself first to find that genuine vision, and then to make it so. It’s definitely there -- you most certainly have it. Get in touch with that highest vision and live the life you were truly meant to live.

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--Ralph Marston

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