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-- Katherine Whitehorn


The MONTHLY Motivator - January 2018


Your highest vision

Look forward, envision the good you can do, and begin to act on it, right now. Look forward, and let your highest vision pull you toward it. Don’t let the negative things get you down. Take them in stride, and move quickly on to something that will make all of life more positive. The more your actions are driven by expediency, the less effective they will be. One quick and easy solution will soon require another, and another, and after all that you’ll be farther behind than when you started. Instead, let your life be driven by your vision of how great it can be.

You have the extreme good fortune to be right here, right now. The more you see your life as the immense opportunity that it is, the more true richness you will uncover. You know who you are. You know what you believe. You know what must be done, and you know how to do it. Be confident. Be bold. The opportunity is now. Get it done. This is the place where you can learn, grow, act and achieve. This is the time when you can work to fulfill your best possibilities. As life plays out in its minutes, months and decades, you’ll occasionally make some mistakes. When that happens, don’t get mired in regret, self-loathing or self-pity. Don’t take foolish risks, but do be willing to experiment. Do step forward into unknown territory, for that’s where your vision will play out, where it can be fulfilled. It’s easy to say what you’re going to do, or to speculate about what you would like to do. What really matters, though, are the actions you take. When you put your thoughts, your words, your intentions and your values into practice, you give meaning and substance to them. And it can bring about great things.

The disappointments may sometimes be so painful that you feel like giving up. Remember though, it is your caring that makes the disappointment possible, and that very same caring will pull you up and push you forward. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. What matters is what you truly expect of yourself. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you may find yourself in. What matters is how you respond to those circumstances and make the most of them. Are your priorities trapped in the comforts of the moment? Or are they pushing you to soar ever higher, toward the fulfillment of your vision?

Don’t waste your time, thoughts and energy in a state of need. Invest yourself and your life in action. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally taking refuge in what is dependably comfortable. But don’t imprison yourself by refusing to ever leave those comfortable spaces. Don’t seek failure, but don’t fear it either. Act with confidence, knowing each failure that may come will bring you closer to success. Challenge yourself, and then do what it takes to meet the challenge. As you feel your strength increasing, resolve to add to it through your own efforts, working your way in each moment toward your highest vision.

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--Ralph Marston

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