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I always try to believe the best of everybody -- it saves so much trouble.
-- Rudyard Kipling


The MONTHLY Motivator - May 2017


Embrace your authenticity

Truth is powerful. Nowhere is it more powerful than when it applies to your own life. In the truth of who you are is the power to move forward, to achieve, to succeed, to fill your life with meaningful richness. In your authentic self, you find freedom, effectiveness, joy and fulfillment.

The world offers bright, shiny inducements to abandon your authenticity. That can make it feel difficult to truly and honestly be who you are. Indeed, too many people don’t make the attempt. And yet, it is even more difficult to deny the beautiful, unique reality of who you are. And as the years go by and the experiences add up, that pretense, that dishonesty, takes more and more of a toll.

Ultimately, honesty is much easier than dishonesty. It is impossible to be truly at peace when you are living a lie. Each time you speak or act in a way that’s not authentic, you narrow your options. Eventually, you squeeze yourself into a corner from which there is no escape. A commitment to authenticity puts the power of truth on your side. The real, true you is who can offer the very most value, comfort, encouragement and joy to others, to the world, and to all of life. Living each moment and each situation with uncompromising authenticity is far and away the best choice you can make, not only for yourself but also for everything else you care about. There is great and unique beauty within you. That beauty longs to, and absolutely deserves to see the light of day.

Give yourself some credit. Because you are amazing. You really are. You can choose to feel a certain way, and as soon as you make the choice, the feeling is there. You can decide to take action, and as soon as you act you begin to literally change the world. There is no limit to the value you can create or to the goodness you can spread. And you can do it all with authentic purpose. You have no need to compromise your values. You are amazing, and all of life is so very fortunate to have you and to know you. You are amazing, and the more you give of your amazing gifts, the more amazing you become. Whatever does or does not happen, you are amazing. Your beauty and unique value are unconditional and cannot be diminished by mere circumstances.

It does you no good to become highly skilled at pretending to be someone you’re not. Be you, enjoy it fully and authentically, and spread the joy around. Don’t waste a lot of time and energy trying to do what you think might impress others. Be you, live what you love, and be impressed yourself at all the great things life has to offer. It doesn’t take a whole big complicated set of circumstances to bring you the life you want to live. What it takes is uncompromising honesty with yourself, about yourself. Take a deep, peaceful breath, let go of the burdensome need to maintain pretenses, and be you. Feel the healing joy of living each day true to who you are.

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--Ralph Marston

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