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Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.
-- Rene Descartes


The MONTHLY Motivator - June 2016


Quick recovery

What to do when something goes wrong? When you’re interrupted?

Let it go. Recover. Take action again.

What if you’ve been disappointed by life? Or worse, disappointed in yourself?

Get past it. Get going. Get good things done. Achieve something meaningful.

The route to your goal is not a straight line. There will be many times along the way when you find yourself off course. When that happens, it can seem like your destination is unreachable. Doubt, fear and apathy will take hold if you let them. The key is not to let them. For as hopeless as the situation may feel, there are actions you can take that will enable you to quickly get back on track.

It’s bad enough that you’ve suffered some setback, no matter who is or is not at fault. Don’t add to the problem. Don’t compound the misery. Don’t perpetuate the disappointment. Get yourself up and get quickly beyond it.

Something didn’t work out? Okay, spend forty-five seconds grieving about it, and maybe learning something from it. Then let it go. It’s the past and your best strategy is to let it stay there. You’re all about the present and the future. You’re all about what you can do now, in this new moment.

Much of the substance of achievement is in becoming skilled at making a quick and solid recovery. Each setback gives you the chance to practice and strengthen and refine that valuable skill. Know that whatever has slowed you down can provide you with a way to move more effectively forward. Quickly get back up, and feel the new strength you’ve gained.

Even when you are thoroughly committed to staying positively focused, life can get in the way. Though you may have the best of intentions, there will be times when you veer off track as a result of your own actions. When that happens, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just recognize it, accept it, learn from it, and get moving again in a positive direction. Winners and losers will both stumble. The difference is, winners have learned to quickly get back up.

What do you do when nothing has gone as you had planned? Adjust your plans and get going again. What can be done when problems and interruptions have drained away most of the time in your day? Step back and smile, knowing that you’re wiser and more determined than ever to move forward. For you’ve just experienced how precious your time can be, and realized how quickly it can slip by. Allow that realization to sharpen your focus, and then aim that focus on where you intend to go.

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--Ralph Marston

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