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I never knew a man escape failures, in either mind or body, who worked seven days in a week.
-- Sir Robert Peel


The MONTHLY Motivator - May 2016


Live life now

Live life now. Stop waiting for something great to come along. Something great has come along and it is the moment you’re in. Don’t put off your joy until conditions are perfect. Every good thing is already available to you now. It would be a shame to waste the myriad possibilities of this day.

Live life now. Don’t get bogged down in worry about what might happen or what might fail to happen. If a problem comes along, you’re absolutely able to deal with it. When plans change, you’re flexible enough to successfully adapt. You’ve seen yourself make progress against the odds in the past and you know you can do it again and again.

Let go of your concerns over what other people might think. People will think what they choose to think, no matter what you do. Live with love, thoughtfulness and respect, and you’ll be just fine.

Think for a few moments about how fortunate you are. You have life. You have this day. You have family and friends who care about you. You have a great store of accumulated wisdom. You have valuable experience. You live in a universe filled with abundance, with countless positive possibilities that grow more numerous by the minute. In every directly you look, there is beauty to behold and enjoy.

Look back at what has brought you to this moment and find something for which to be sincerely grateful. Look forward from this moment and find something that will enable you to realize your deepest purpose and fill your world with joy. Then make use of this moment to tie those two things together. Put your richest blessings to work so they move you toward your fondest dreams. This is the time to make that connection. This is the time for you to live and to act, to think, to feel, to experience and to move gratefully toward your richest possibilities.

You have traveled long and far to get to this day. Every step you’ve taken has increased the immense treasure of life that is now yours. The joys and triumphs, the tragedies and disappointments, are all behind you. Now is your opportunity to take the very best from them and carry that value with you as you move forward. There are more possibilities available to you now than there have ever been. Every accomplishment, every setback, every brilliant move, every mistake has given you a way to grow more capable and experienced. Now, here you sit at the culmination of it all. And now you know, better than ever before, how to make it all into something truly great.

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--Ralph Marston

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