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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


The MONTHLY Motivator - March 2016


Feeling like it

What do you do if you don’t feel like doing anything? How do you get yourself to take action when you don’t feel like taking action?

Feelings are important. Experience them. Pay attention to them. Learn from them. Enjoy them. But don’t let them stop you from getting things done.

If you don’t feel like doing it, you can still do it. Your feelings are not your boss. You are your boss. Are you going to let your feelings ruin your life? Why would you want to do that? Your feelings are ephemeral things and they can change in a heartbeat. In fact, you can change them.

If you don’t feel like getting anything done, one thing you can do is change the way you feel. How do you do that? Your feelings are hooked right in to your body. If you change your posture, for example, you change the way you feel. Yes, it’s that simple. If you’re laying around in bed or slumped on the sofa, you’re not going to feel much energy. Stand up, though, straight and tall, holding your head high, and suddenly there’s a whole lot more energy. Just like magic.

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--Ralph Marston

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