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It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.
-- James Thurber


The MONTHLY Motivator - November 2015


Meaningful life

Stop searching for meaning in life and start making it. You don’t need any particular situation, or insight, or occupation, or set of possessions to make life meaningful. All you have to do is give meaning to the moment. No one else even has to know. Just give meaning to the moment. Give meaning to the moment by giving love to it. Be curious. Be astounded. Be joyful. Be active. Be you.

Dance through the day. Laugh at your good fortune. Float above the distractions. Talk yourself out of the illusion of pain. Love life’s beauty as it unfolds in front of you. All of creation surrounds you, all of time and existence encompasses you, and the magnificence you see is a mere hint of all you’ve yet to experience.

Worry is a waste. Your true nature reveals itself as joy. Millions of years go by, or was it just a single minute?

Possibilities surround you. Blessings accumulate in your life, in your world. Choose a direction to look, a path to follow, one that intrigues you and challenges you to give your best effort. As you advance along the path, discover again and again, at higher and higher levels, how great it is to be you, to be alive, to be able to make a difference.

See more clearly than ever that success is not an object, or a job title, or a number. Success is an attitude, and you have it now, as you choose to act with purpose, with integrity, with love. Look around and see that life is filled with richness when your awareness is focused on the richness and good fortune of being alive. Treasure the gift that is today. Look to the left, look to the right, look ahead, look behind and appreciate the goodness stretching out in every direction.

Imagine unlimited possibilities, and then remind yourself that whatever you imagine you can reach. Imagine, and then act. Choose, and then fulfill what you have chosen. Delight in the magic that lives in your ability to get things done. Create new beauty from the beauty you love so much. Reach inside, grab your dreams, pull them out and spread them all over the world. Make them come to life in ways that are even bigger and more beautiful than you could ever dare to imagine. Start to act in support of all you love, and keep going.

Glide purposefully through each moment and leave great value in your wake. All sorts of things happen, and in every turn of events you recognize the opportunity to make a difference. Leave each place, each day, each person, each situation better than you found them. Build your life’s richness with caring and love.

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--Ralph Marston

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