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Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.
-- Babe Ruth


The MONTHLY Motivator - May 2015


Winning attitude

Is the world filled with positive possibilities and exciting opportunities, or is it filled with despair and disappointment? Actually, that depends on your attitude.

You can choose what kind of light you shine on life. A positive attitude is what shines the more empowering kind of light. Give yourself the ability to see the good in every person and the opportunities in every situation. Get yourself in a mindset that will encourage, inspire, motivate and heal. If you wish to change life for the better, it just makes sense that you must see it from a better perspective. By maintaining a great attitude, you direct yourself to create a great world. What makes your attitude so powerful is you. Every moment of every day you’re having an impact, and your attitude determines whether it is a valuable, creative impact or a worthless, destructive one.

Attitude can turn the coldest, most dreary day into a joyful one, or it can make the most magnificent, sunny day a misery. Attitude has the power to turn almost any situation into an opportunity, or to make the most innocent act or remark into a tragedy of major proportions. Attitude makes meaning out of whatever may be happening. It is our emotional interface with the world. Are you more troubled by your troubles, or by your attitude toward them? You control your attitude, and by so doing you determine the meaning and influence of your experiences. Attitude can take a problem and make it so intense as to be completely overwhelming. Attitude can find a tiny kernel of goodness and magnify it to fill the whole day.

You know from experience that performance is not based solely on ability. On different days, even though your ability does not change, your performance will vary widely. The difference is due largely to your state of mind, your attitude. Yes, ability is important. Yet unless you’re able to manage your attitude, performance will suffer. Your attitude is determined by you, by the way you control your mind and your body. It is independent of external factors. You can always find a reason to be depressed. You can always find a reason to be happy. You can always find a reason to be despairing, or a reason to be positive. Yet external reasons are not what determines your attitude. Ultimately, it is you that determines what your attitude will be.

The only reason you need to be happy, positive and enthusiastic is because you have chosen to be so, and because it will substantially improve your performance in any endeavor. On any day, in any situation, with any person, you can choose to move forward with a positive, winning attitude. Keep that in mind, and watch your effectiveness soar.

You can change your attitude without any muscular effort. You don’t need any money, time, fuel, space or other resource. You don’t need anyone else’s permission. You don’t need a detailed plan of action for changing your attitude. It’s not complicated. You don’t even need a lot of experience.

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--Ralph Marston

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