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Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer


The MONTHLY Motivator - October 2014


Life is beautiful

You have been lied to for a very long time. You have been told that life is filled with problems, pain, disappointment and despair. You have experienced these things. And you have believed the lie. You have been conditioned over time to believe that you must fight for survival. That you must get yours while you can. That you can’t really hope to do anything more than just get by. You’ve been told about all the injustice in the world, and how unfair life is.

All that is true on one level. All that is true but it is not.

The higher truth is that life is beautiful. Not just beautiful. Life is beauty. Beauty is life. All the wars and crimes and injustices get so much attention. But the overwhelming mass of life is not that way at all. The overwhelming substance of life is beautiful. Think of your own life. There are all sorts of problems, to be sure. Your car breaks down. You don’t have money to make the house payment. Someone you love is stricken with a serious illness. People who are close to you are taken from you in death. And yet… And yet, all those things occupy just a small fraction of your life. The vast majority of your experiences are beautiful. Think of all the things that happen each moment, in each fraction of a second, to keep you alive. Think of what a miracle it is that you’re able to be aware of your own existence. That’s a rare thing, and you have it all the time.

Life is beautiful and you know it. On some level, on many levels, you know it. On many levels you’ve experienced it for yourself. You’ve seen the beauty many times before. And every time you stop to take a look, every time you look closely, it’s still very much there.

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--Ralph Marston

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