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What you need is sustained outrage...there's far too much unthinking respect given to authority.
-- Molly Ivins


The MONTHLY Motivator - February 2014


You can do it

There are many things that can hold you back, and there is a way around almost all of them. Yet there is something that you cannot get around as long as it exists, and that is your belief that you cannot do something. When you think you can’t, then you are absolutely correct. Yet when you change your thinking, when you let go of that limiting belief, when you in fact begin to believe and to know that you can do it, you’re well on your way to achievement.

Achieving anything of value is difficult enough even when you know you can do it. but when your thoughts are actively working against you, achievement becomes virtually impossible. If you’re able to change those thoughts, in a deep and genuine way, suddenly the goal comes within your reach. Though it won’t be easy, it will be possible.

A negative belief can, on its own, hold you back. Yet a positive belief is just a starting point. For when you believe something, you still retain the possibility in your mind that it may not be true. When you believe something, you are aware of the possibility that it could indeed be true, and also of the possibility that it could not be true. With your belief, you choose to operate under the possibility that it could be true. Yet there is a step that goes beyond belief, and that is knowing. When you know for certain that something is true, you have completely eliminated all possibilities that it is not true. Believing requires you to believe in spite of the prospect that when you believe in may not be true. Knowing, however, is simply knowing. When you know, there is no need to take sides, because there are no sides. There is simply the knowing.

When you know you can do it, then it will happen. But how do you get to that point? How do you accomplish something if you’ve never done it before?

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--Ralph Marston

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