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The hours that make us happy make us wise.
-- John Masefield


The MONTHLY Motivator - February 2012


Positive focus

You are powerful. Yet that power is often very dispersed, and so it cannot do you much good. To accomplish anything, requires positive focus. The more positively directed focus, the higher and more spectacular the accomplishment.

Think of all the energy you use in the pursuit of things that are, in the end, useless—jealousy, bitterness, worry, envy, spite, finding fault, greed. Imagine what would happen if you took all that energy, and concentrated it on the pursuit of your dreams.

You can, and do—on a daily basis—accomplish the things you set your mind on. If you set your mind on jealousy, you become jealous. If you set your mind on excellence, you become excellent.

Is there something that’s distracting you and keeping you from staying focused? There will always be some distraction or another, but you never have to give in to those distractions.

The way to focus on anything is to make it important. If you need more focus, then make the object of your focus more personally meaningful. Make a conscious connection between whatever you’re doing and your deepest reason for doing it.

Clearly know why, and the focus will be strong. When you feel your focus begin to slip, reaffirm and reconnect to your purpose. Maintain the focus by maintaining the meaning that’s behind it. When your desire is strong enough, no event or circumstance will have the power to distract you. Give your efforts a reason why, and you give yourself a reason to persist. Live with authentic purpose. And you’ll act with powerful focus.

If you find it difficult to deal with where you are, look ahead toward where you’re going. Keep your attention directed toward the goal at the end of the road, and you’ll find the strength to move steadily down that road.

When you continue looking ahead, even the difficult steps will seem lighter. The burdens of the moment become much more bearable when you keep reminding yourself that there is a purpose behind them. Your dreams can pull you toward them if you’ll give those dreams a prominent place in your heart and your mind.

Look ahead toward where you intend to go, and you’ll find that each challenge makes you stronger. When your eye is on the goal, the distractions won’t be nearly so distracting. Your efforts will gain the immense power of focus when you’re always clearly aware of where you’re headed. Your time, your energy, and your resources will get used no matter which direction you are looking. By choosing to look ahead, you get the highest return for the efforts you invest in your life. Look ahead, toward the place you most want to be. The more you look, the faster you’ll move forward.

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--Ralph Marston

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