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When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers.
-- Colleen C. Barrett


The MONTHLY Motivator - September 2009

Endless richness

Life is an endless source of richness. Everything that comes your way can, in some way or another, add to that richness. From the smallest petal on a flower, to the wide and distant horizon, you’ll find energy and possibility, and astounding lessons to be learned. From the most intimate whisper to the roar of a crowd, there are ideas, dreams, hopes and love in every flavor. There are components that, when put together in new and unique ways, create value that’s never been known before. There are objects that, when carefully taken apart and studied, yield magnificent, life-changing secrets. The possibilities have no end. And they grow more stunning with each advancing moment. The real richness is not found in any one thing. Rather, it is in the sheer abundance and availability of it all.

Let yourself enjoy life’s richness, right now. Let yourself find fulfillment in whatever you’re doing. Allow joy to flow easily and naturally through you. Let it come, let it go, and let more arrive to take its place. Transcend the difficulties by releasing

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--Ralph Marston

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