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Nothing is so much to be feared as fear.
-- Henry David Thoreau


The MONTHLY Motivator - July 2009

Find value everywhere

The universe is overflowing with great and wonderful and growing value. In every moment, every situation, every place, every person and everything that happens, there is positive value to be found. What’s even better is that you can make use of that value to create even more value and to manifest your most treasured dreams. No matter who you are or where you come from or what you’ve been through, there is no shortage of value in life.

So why does it seem like there is so often so much lack and limitation and poverty? Because much of the value that is there is not being utilized. Why not? Well, there are many reasons. Probably the biggest reason is that most of that value is hidden in plain sight. Yes, it’s there all right. And it’s clearly visible. In fact, life’s value is overwhelmingly obvious. But that’s the problem. It’s so downright obvious, so completely ingrained in everything, that very few people even notice it.

By and large, we tend to take life’s astounding value for granted. We wish for more, when we already have it all. We strive and strive, and yet we could immediately have whatever we’re striving for if we would just stop striving.

There’s a common assumption about living a life of value and richness. The assumption is that you must first

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--Ralph Marston

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