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-- Rollo May


The MONTHLY Motivator - December 2008


Do you feel that you’ve lost hope? Then muster some determination. Are you frustrated by the unexplainably ridiculous actions of others? Then step right up and choose to make yourself more determined. Have you run out of money and then you discover another expense that you had not expected? Now is the time to get determined to transcend your financial situation. Has someone you trusted and depended upon done something to seriously disappoint you? Allow yourself to become more determined than ever before. Does it seem like the things you could previously count on have all been wiped away? Then this is your golden opportunity to get seriously and persistently determined.

When you are sufficiently determined and motivated, anything is possible for you. Nothing is beyond your reach. When you have a strong enough reason you can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve.

When things are really, really bad, that’s not the time to give up. That’s the time to infuse yourself with determination. When things are going great, that’s not the time to become complacent. That’s an outstanding opportunity for you to build on your good fortune by taking yourself to a new level of determination and commitment.

Life is now and you are living it in this very moment. Everything you’ve ever achieved, everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve experienced has brought you here and now. This is the best time ever because this is the time you have to work with. This is when you can make things happen. This is when you have power and influence. This is when your most magnificent dreams have the very real opportunity to come to life.

It’s great when you can work with others, but don’t allow yourself to become dependent on them for your life’s fulfillment. There is so very much you can do, and so very much that you have to offer. It’s nice when conditions are favorable, but you don’t have to depend on outside conditions to bring you the good things you seek. You have the power to create your own outcomes, no matter what may be happening with society or the government or the economy or the community where you live.

Do you realize how much power you have?

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--Ralph Marston

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