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Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.
-- Solomon Short


The MONTHLY Motivator - October 2008

A bright future

The future has not happened yet. And because of that, you can make your own future anything you choose.

But how can that be? Headlines scream of one financial crisis after another. Political bickering reaches unprecedented and outrageous levels. Economic prospects appear to become more troublesome with each passing day. Experts tell us that we are foolish to even hope for a small measure of prosperity or progress.

But those experts do not know what the future holds any more than you do. Many of them actually have a vested interest in making you more fearful. The fact remains that your future is what you choose to make it. And now is the time to choose and to create the very best future you can imagine.

Now is a time of great opportunity. In fact, the present moment is always the greatest opportunity that has ever been, because the present moment is when you can take action. The past cannot be changed, and the future is out of your reach. Right now, however, is completely available to you and is your time to make a difference. Right now is when you can commit to creating your very own bright future. And right now is when that bright future begins to become real as a result of your efforts. Right now you have more wisdom and experience than you’ve ever had before. Right now you have options available to you that have not existed before. And so does everyone else.

The most sophisticated expert cannot predict the future. Yet everyone is in the business of creating the future. If you choose to create a positive and fulfilling future for yourself, no amount of gloomy economic news reports can stop you. For the economy is not some wild and destructive monster with a will of its own. The economy is you, and what you decide to do with your time and your resources. The economy is made up of

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--Ralph Marston

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