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He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how.
-- Fredrich Nietzsche


The MONTHLY Motivator - August 2008


We live in a world in which individuals are becoming more and more empowered. Technology, along with cultural, economic and political forces are enabling a growing number of people to choose and follow their own unique paths.

Technical innovations are regularly altering the way jobs get done. New and powerful options are opening up for people, businesses and organizations. The world has become one giant marketplace, filled with innovative products, powerful new ideas, and valuable information. The lives of people around the planet are becoming increasingly connected, through a worldwide network of easily accessible telecommunication and accessible, reliable transportation. Even people in the most remote parts of the world have the ability to connect with a vast and growing storehouse of up-to-date information. Knowledge is increasing at an astounding pace, adding real value to almost every imaginable activity.

The opportunities in such a world are limitless. Never before has the average person been able to leverage and project his or her efforts to the extent that is possible right now. For example, it has become an almost commonplace occurrence for one person, with a computer and an Internet connection, to operate a worldwide, multi-million dollar business.

The possibilities are indeed endless. And yet, where there are powerful opportunities for success there are

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--Ralph Marston

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