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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
-- Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Daily Motivator Special Feature

Five ways you can empower yourself to achieve

by Ralph Marston

1.  Make every experience a learning experience. Be endlessly curious. Just as importantly, be meaningfully curious, that is, curious about the things that matter most to you. Expect to find valuable, useful knowledge everywhere you go, from each person you meet, and you will.

2.  Dream big and fill in the details. Be completely honest with yourself, looking clearly and unashamedly at your authentic, driving purpose. From that purpose, create a dream so compelling it will keep you working until late into the night and then get you out of bed early in the morning.

3.  Keep going. Don’t be stopped by discouragement over the setbacks. They are a natural part of the process. Know that they’ll come, and be ready to keep going when they do. Just as importantly, don’t be stopped by the successes. When you’ve made some progress you’re in an ideal position to make much more, so do it.

4.  Be aggressively and continuously thankful. Gratitude will open your eyes, your mind and your spirit to the value that exists in every situation. When you’re genuinely thankful for what you have, no matter what it may be, you can make meaningful, effective and positive use of it.

5.  Take responsibility. Don’t waste your time or drain your energy by making excuses or assigning blame. The fulfillment in your life is up to you. Yes, absolutely seek the advice, assistance and cooperation of others, and offer your own in relationships of mutual benefit. Yet always keep in mind that no matter whose fault the mistakes may be, no matter whose job the task may be, the achievements you seek to create are one hundred percent your responsibility.

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