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All things change; nothing perishes.
-- Ovid


Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Are you trying too much?

Those things you’re “trying” to do usually never seem to get done. You can convince yourself that you’re trying. You can announce to others that you’re trying. Yet only when you’re actually doing will you get anything accomplished.

What would happen if you eliminated “trying” from your vocabulary? For one thing, it would force you to be more specific. Instead of saying “I’m trying to get the job finished” you would have to say specifically what you’ve done so far. If you didn’t have “trying” to fall back on, perhaps you’d be more apt to go ahead and really get it done.

Making a sincere effort is great, but a vaguely focused “trying” is of little use. Take care that you’re not trying too much and actually doing too little. Forget about trying. Get up and get busy doing.

— Ralph Marston

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