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Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.
-- Colleen C. Barrett


Friday, November 12, 1999

Solid foundation

The base of the mountain is not nearly as grand or glorious as the summit. It is plain old rock, buried away dark and deep. But without an immense and tedious base, the magnificent peak could not exist.

The more solid and substantial your footing, the higher you can reach. The highest trees require the strongest root systems. The tallest buildings must have the most massive foundations.

There is more to reaching than just the reach itself. Reaching must be done within a solid, grounded context or it ends up accomplishing nothing. Though we often curse gravity for keeping us down, we forget that it also holds us together. Though we often curse the tediousness of discipline and focus, without them we would have no foundation from which to achieve.

The time and effort spent in diligent preparation might seem to take away from the time spent in pursuit of the quest. Yet in reality the preparation is what makes the quest possible. The summit is there only because the mountain can support it.

Build a strong foundation that is worthy of your aspirations. It is well worth the effort.

— Ralph Marston

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