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It is necessary; therefore, it is possible.
-- G A Borghese


Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Welcome life

Welcome the day with open arms, with a grateful heart, and it will be a good and productive day. Welcome the challenges, the obstacles, as being necessary, and they will strengthen rather than stop you. Welcome the opinions and perspectives of others, especially if they differ from yours, and your own perspective will grow more valuable.

Accept what is, and you will increase your ability to do, make or have whatever you wish. Live as though there is possibility for good in every circumstance, and you’ll discover that there is indeed.

Welcome and celebrate life in all its ups and downs. Relish the cold, dark days just as enthusiastically as the bright, warm ones. Find as much value in the defeats and mistakes as in the victories and successes.

The majesty of the sunrise would not occur without the darkness of the night. Effort would be impossible without rest, and likewise rest without effort. Seeking only a select portion of life serves to diminish it all. Embrace the world in all its fullness and delight in the experience of being thoroughly alive.

— Ralph Marston

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