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People of little understanding are most apt to be angry when their sense is called into question.
-- Samuel Richardson


Saturday, October 16, 1999


It is impossible to have a desire without also having the means to attain it. Whatever you truly desire is, in a sense, already yours. For you could not sincerely desire it, if you could not realistically expect to have it.

The more magnificent the desire, the more it will demand of you. Even so, it is within your reach. And on a certain level you know this already, without any doubt. The desire itself is evidence.

Your dilemma is not that your desires are unobtainable, but rather which ones to pursue. Choose them thoughtfully, with care and integrity, because the ones you choose will come to pass.

The desires which you’ve previous chosen have brought you precisely to where you are right now. Just as surely will the desires you focus on today bring about the substance of your tomorrow.

— Ralph Marston

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