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The saints are the sinners who keep on trying.
-- Robert Louis Stevenson


Monday, October 11, 1999

Signs of strength

Strength is often quiet and inconspicuous. Loud, showy and obnoxious behavior almost always is a sign of weakness. Bragging requires very little effort or substance. Working behind the scenes to get things done is what takes true strength and commitment. There’s little need or desire to brag when you’re able to actually accomplish.

True strength is kind, patient, thoughtful, understanding, persistent and effective. Any coward can be cruel or rude, but it takes strength and confidence to be kind and polite. It is easy to complain, but it takes strength to actually follow the positive steps which will solve the problem.

To find strength, look not to those who merely claim it. Look to those who live it. It takes nothing to make even the most spectacular promises. You’ll find the real evidence of strength and effectiveness in the results, not the claims.

— Ralph Marston

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