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The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.
-- John Dewey


Friday, August 27, 1999

Serious threat

If your life were suddenly threatened, would you take action to protect it? Of course you would. Your life is extremely important and you would do whatever possible to avoid losing it.

For most of us, the biggest threat to life is not sudden or dramatic; it is inconspicuous and incremental. By far, the most common threat to life is that we waste so much of it on trivial and meaningless pursuits. Those things steal life away just as surely as a murderer or a fatal disease.

As you go through each moment of this day, keep in mind how very precious and important these moments are to you, because they are what make up your life. Each one can bring great richness and fulfillment. It would indeed be a shame to waste them on useless and petty pursuits.

Right now you have an opportunity that is unequaled by anything you can possibly imagine -- the opportunity to be alive and effective. It is a great and wonderful thing that is too often taken for granted. See your life for the truly special, valuable opportunity that it is, and make the most of every single moment.

— Ralph Marston

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