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The need to be right (driven by ego) crowds out the opportunity to be persuasive.
-- Scott Adams


Tuesday, August 10, 1999


Do you own your possessions, or do they own you? Your possessions include more than just the financial and material things to which you have title. You also possess such things as pride, knowledge, habits, assumptions, and opinions. All these possessions, material and otherwise, can be useful servants, but they are poor masters.

Consider pride, for example. Taking pride in your work, your appearance, and your performance compels you to do your best. Yet when pride is the driving reason behind what you do, it changes from a positive to a negative influence. Money can be the same way. In the service of a higher purpose, it is extremely useful, but when money becomes the ultimate objective it can be very destructive.

You have a wealth of possessions. They include everything from the change in your pocket to the opinions in your head. If you let them control you, they can become a disastrous burden. So keep them in perspective. They are your tools, not your purpose.

— Ralph Marston

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