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Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
-- Robert F. Kennedy


Tuesday, June 8, 1999


When you turn on a light switch, consider what makes that light come on. Behind that seemingly magical switch are thousands of miles of cable, electrical generating stations, towers, transformers, underground conduits and, most importantly, the countless thousands of people who design, build, operate and maintain all of it. And for every one of those people and every one of their functions, there are even more people who support them -- all behind a single light switch.

The things from which you benefit every day -- water, food, phone service, books, clothing, soap and more -- most of which you routinely take for granted, come to you through the effort and commitment of the other people in your world. In a very real and tangible way, on a moment by moment basis, you are intricately connected to the rest of the world.

Why, then, would you even consider doing harm to, or taking advantage of anyone else? How could you ever find satisfaction in the misfortune of another? We’re all in this together.

It is tragically shallow to think that whatever appears to be in your best interest is truly in your best interest, if it causes harm to another. Keep in mind that you are connected to your world on many levels and in countless ways. Seek those things which benefit both you and the world of which you are a part.

— Ralph Marston

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