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One's first step in wisdom is to question everything - and one's last is to come to terms with everything.
-- Georg C. Lichtenberg


Monday, March 29, 1999

Take a break

You can maintain better focus when you regularly spend time being completely unfocused. Your efforts can become much more effective by routinely taking a break from them.

The cycle of effort and rest is a fundamental part of life. Consider all the trees and plants which become dormant in the fall and then burst forth with new growth in the spring. Regular rest is just as necessary to a successful life as focused, disciplined effort is.

To become more effective, you need to routinely spend time not being effective at all. Balance your effort with rest and relaxation. Relax your body. Rest your mind. Ease your spirit. Spend time just being and enjoying. Set yourself apart from your striving and tension. And when you take time to rest, truly rest. Relax. Forget the pressures, the challenges, the problems. They can wait -- they’re not going anywhere.

You’ll need strength and effectiveness to meet those challenges, and a balanced life will help to make you stronger. Effort and rest support one another. A period of quality rest and relaxation enhances your effectiveness when you get back to work. And a day spent in effective effort will make you much better able to rest when the day is over.

Enjoy the benefits of balance. Make the effort, then get some rest. Experience the increased power that comes from regularly recharging your batteries.

— Ralph Marston

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