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How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
-- Annie Dillard


Monday, March 15, 1999

Getting ahead

There is very little difference in the effort required to just get by and the effort needed to get ahead. A marathon runner who runs each mile just one second faster than the nearest competitor will win by a comfortable margin. A popular product that is just breaking even when sold for $20 could generate enormous profits if sold for $25.

When you’re already “just getting by,” a little extra effort can make an incredible difference. Almost everyone is very good at just getting by, whether financially, emotionally, or physically. The exact same skills used to just get by can easily be used to truly get ahead. It takes only a little bit more effort, and you’re there.

Consider what would quickly happen if you called just a few more prospects each day, or if you worked out an extra 10 minutes each time. What little bit more can you do to increase income, cut costs, meet more people, make better use of your time, or live a healthier lifestyle? Even a little bit can make a big, big difference.

— Ralph Marston

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