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Common sense ain't common.
-- Will Rogers


Thursday, February 18, 1999


Even the very best things in life can cease to be beneficial when taken to extremes. As much as it would seem that “if some is good, more is better,” that is rarely the case.

With just about everything, there is a limit, a point at which more is no longer better. In fact, we often strive for more when what we truly seek is not more, but better.

We get hungry for more food when what we need is better quality, more nutritious food. We strive for more money when the effort might be better spent in more wisely using what we already earn.

If you’re constantly seeking more and more, and it still fails to satisfy or fulfill, it probably never will. Getting more is the simple, obvious answer, yet it’s not always the best answer. When you find yourself needing to go to extremes, consider whether a change in direction might be in order.

Quality can exist independent of quantity. Don’t overdo a good thing. Rather than worrying about being the most, put that energy into being your best.

— Ralph Marston

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