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I have no particular talent. I am merely extremely inquisitive.
-- Albert Einstein


Wednesday, February 10, 1999

The ultimate challenge

Imagine that you’re the wealthiest person in the world, with a vast and powerful fortune at your command. You can have anything you desire. There is no luxury or pleasure that is beyond your reach. You have no need to work for a living. Your fortune is large enough to last for thousands of lifetimes.

All this is great for a few years, but after a while you discover that there’s something you desperately want, something you desire with everything that’s in you, something with which you are completely obsessed day and night. And it is something you cannot have, despite all your riches and power. It is the challenge of creating something from nothing.

Then you realize that there is a way to have what you desire. You desperately want it, so you give away most of your riches, give up the majority of your power, and become the person that you really are right now, living exactly the life that you’re living right now.

Finally, you have what you want -- challenge. You are filled with excitement, anticipation and even a little fear -- and for the first time you feel truly alive. You’ve given up everything you ever had to get to this exciting place. Now, how will you make the most it?

— Ralph Marston

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