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Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.
-- Malcolm Gladwell


Saturday, February 6, 1999


How many opportunities have you lost because you could not, or would not, say yes to them? Certainly it is important to say “no” when appropriate. Otherwise you end up making commitments that you cannot possibly keep. Yet it’s also vital that you be able and willing to say “yes."

The good things we seek rarely come to us in exactly the way we have imagined. If we’re constantly saying “no” in order to avoid even the slightest discomfort or inconvenience, we soon find ourselves missing out on the richness of life, wondering why our dreams never materialize.

Saying “yes” takes courage and faith. Really meaning it, takes effort and commitment. Saying “yes” gets you involved. True, it forces you out of your comfort zone, but what do you really want -- comfort or fulfillment?

Great things are always coming your way. Make sure you say “yes” to the best of them.

— Ralph Marston

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