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Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.
-- Jane Addams


Monday, February 1, 1999

What do you want?

What would happen if you went to the counter of a fast food restaurant and asked for something to eat? Would you get any food? That depends on how you ask. If you just say you want “something to eat” and leave it at that, you probably won’t get anything. When you tell them that you’d like a “double burger with cheese and an order of fries” you’ll get some food to eat, provided you can do one other thing -- pay for it.

The same factors apply whenever you ask anyone for anything. To insure that you get what you’re after, you must be very specific and precise about what you want. No one, no matter how rich or powerful, can deliver what you want unless they know precisely what it is. And you must be able to offer something in return.

The money you pay the fast food restaurant is what makes it possible for them to provide you with food. Similarly, the value you’re willing to provide, is what makes it possible for you to have anything you desire. Be specific about what you want, be willing to pay the price, and your desires will become your reality.

— Ralph Marston

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